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OXO vibe




OXO Vibe is a personal blender designed for OXO to successfully enter and compete in the kitchen appliance market. By understanding and redesigning every little detail in the personal blender, we have achieved something that stands out and stands alone.

Reimagining the Personal Blender Inside and Out

It's cavitation that does the real work to achieve the smoothest of smoothies. Thats why we've designed curved dull blades for better blending and improved safety.

Beautiful Design
Meets Ingenious Engineering

The beautiful pattern at the base's bottom both adds to the aesthetic and releases the heat from the high powered 1000W motor.

The First of Its Kind

By redesigning the internal locking mechanisms, we have achieved the first personal blender with smooth, continuous lines throughout the entire silhouette. Say goodbye to the ugly external locking tabs.

We also redesigned the internal flutes. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, they blend seamlessly with the silhouette of the cup while adding depth to the beautiful aesthetic.

Field Research
Designed to Stand Together.
Designed to Stand Apart.

We made sure that the blender base and the blender cup look great together and also great alone. Because when know that when you're not using your blender, you want something beautiful sitting on top of your kitchen counter and when you're on the go you want something just as beautiful in your hand.

Don't Blend In.

Stand Out.

Not black, silver, and bland.

Americans love blending their smoothies. They take pride in the color of their favorite smoothie and they love the energy it gives them. So then why does every blender look like everything else in the kitchen?

Black, silver, and bland.

Product Testing
User Feedback
Mock-up Fabrication
Rapid Prototyping
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